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NutriGenomics is the study of how food and food constituents affect our genes. Based on that, we can affect the nutritional modulation of the gene expression by providing you with a personalized nutrition plan!

Nutritional Therapy is the comprehensive scientific way to help with many health issues and adverse symptoms. It significantly improves the quality of life and provides relief in a natural way. Nutritional Therapy is much more than ‘healthy eating’; it is the clinical application of nutrition science using a wide range of tools such as functional or genetic lab tests, professional formulas containing natural ingredients, as well as other complementary techniques aiming to identify, assess and successfully address health concerns, including chronic conditions.

Nutritional Therapy is part of what is known as Functional Medicine, the contemporary model of therapeutic interventions. Functional Medicine is a functional way of preventing and safeguarding physical and mental health. It is not based on mere experience, but on strict clinical and scientific evidence, an application of Nutrigenomics. In a nutshell, our food and lifestyle can reverse the onset of genes associated with health issues.

We work together to search for the deeper causes and roots of your health issues and to create personalized nutritional strategies, among other techniques of Natural Medicine, which will ensure health and well-being. We make the science of nutrition a personal matter, in order to help you manage your health, weight, and mood effectively and naturally. Transform your life and body now!




Gastrointestinal problems. The environmental or toxic load approach.

Is the role of nutrition trivial or important for the health of our gut?

While conventional medicine rather agrees with the negligible role of nutrition, the environmental approach emphasizes its important role and seeks the hidden causes of bowel dysfunction.

Drugs, nutrient deficiencies, potential health issues

Drugs may cause nutrient deficiencies in our body 

As you will see in the following table, many drugs chemically react with the nutrients in our body and can cause deficiencies of some very important ones that are necessary for the smooth function of our body, like vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carnitine and others.

The Truth about Cholesterol

Suppose you just got the results of blood tests that you have decided to do to see how things are going... First of all, you should not panic when you see the indication “Total Cholesterol” which might be slightly up. This is because total cholesterol is the sum of two terms that may be familiar to you, i.e. “bad” and “good” cholesterol. On the results of the microbiological tests you will see it written up all scientific and probably in English as LDL (the “bad”), HDL (the “good”) and the total as “Total Cholesterol” or “TC”. It is well known that the “good” cholesterol should be at a high level.

Laboratory tests

What are functional laboratory tests and how are they used by the science of nutritional therapy-nutrigenomics

Why have tests?

People applying a proper balanced diet along with appropriate supplements and other natural techniques usually see significant progress in many of their health problems.

Health issues from oxalates

Problems caused by oxalates, one of the natural compounds found in many foods and what we can do. 

Exercise now

How can we determine the extent and intensity for each of us?

It's a real challenge for a doctor or a therapist to determine the appropriate frequency and intensity needed in order to achieve optimal function of their patient’s body (Hewitt M., 2002)

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a very serious disorder that usually begins in adolescence. It is characterized by an intense fear of extra pounds, a constant desire for weight loss, a distorted sense of the body image and amenorrhea.


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Top foods for a proper diet

Prefer easily digestible foods. Reduce intake of dairy and white flour products (refined flours), like bread, pizza, pasta etc. to one serving per day. These foods may cause intolerances, indigestion and high blood sugar, with many adverse consequences for your health.


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Vitamin D: The vitamin of the sun?

Vitamin D Deficiency: The vitamin we took for granted. 

Vitamin D appears to be very important in the prevention of osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal pain, chronic weakness, depression, many autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, and some cancers such as that of the colon, the breast, the prostate. Other studies also showed:

Do you have enough energy?

Many doctors say that two out of five patients complain for lack of energy. They often hear the phrases “I’m always tired” or “I have no strength”. It is common now for many people to find it hard to get up in the morning, hard to stay awake at work at noon and to “plunge” into the couch, with a TV diner in front of them, in the afternoon. Many wait for the weekend so that they can enjoy sleeping instead of an excursion into nature...

Dietary Supplements

What are Dietary Supplements?

According to the American organization DSHEA, dietary supplements complement our diet; omegacapsulesthey contain one or more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs or other natural ingredients (like royal jelly); they are consumed orally in the form of a capsule, tablet, powder, liquid etc.;

Methylation: You cannot imagine!

Our heart and our entire body are in need of methylation. Methylation is the driving force behind almost all the functions in our bodies. It is behind the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, our mental disposal, the regulation of cholesterol, our memory function; it is the force behind detoxification and the reproduction of all our cells!

The British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine


IFM Video for the core of Functional Medicine (Αμερική)


Healthy food choices

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    Apple stew

    6 red apples 

    ½ cup of water

    1/3 cup of raisins

    2 tbs cinnamon 

    We cut apples in small pieces and we put them in the pot with water, pour the cinnamon. Boil them about 15’ while steering often till it is a puree. Great taste for you and your gut flora! 

  • Top foods for a proper diet

    Prefer easily digestible foods. Reduce intake of dairy and white flour products (refined flours), like bread, pizza, pasta etc. to one serving per day. These foods may cause intolerances, indigestion and high blood sugar, with many adverse consequences for your health.

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