Nutritional Therapy Clinic

The Nutritional Therapy Clinic is a modern nutritional treatment center located in Athens, founded by

Dr. Antonia J. Moutafi. The center provides high quality diagnostic and therapeutic services. It aims to detect and treat the real causes of each disease by examining all organ systems that can be involved in it, placing both patient and therapist into an active participation throughout the duration of the healing process.

The Nutritional Therapy Clinic has scientific and clinical expertise in immune system disorders such as autoimmune diseases, mental disorders, neurobiological syndromes, conduct and impulse control disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Our center also treats health issues such as allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, hormonal, respiratory, and inflammatory conditions. Furthermore, our center provides anti-aging treatments.











Dr. Antonia J. Moutafi, clinical director in Nutritional Therapy Clinic, is a clinical nutritional therapist, while already engaged since 2009  in Functional Medicine.
She holds a doctorate from the University of the US Natural Medicine with a specialization in Natural Medicine.

Antonia J. Moutafi also holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Nutritional Therapy from the Middlesex University. She is an MSc graduate in Human Nutrition (USA), MSc in the Agricultural University of Athens, holds a Diploma in Personal Coaching, a Diploma in Herbal Medicine, and one in Homeopathy. She has received a clinical training at the American Institute for Functional Medicine.

Dr. Antonia J. Moutafi is an:

-Author of a plethora of health articles and books of wide circulation.

She is engaged in:

-Organization of and participation in lectures, presentations on health issues throughout Greece and abroad.

A founding member of:

       European Society of Lifestyle Medicine ESLM 

Also member of:

       Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), UK 

       Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (ΙΜΜΗ), USA                                 

       British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT),  UK

       Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), USA 

       American Nutrition Association (ANA), USA

       International Society of NutriGenetics/NutriGenomics (ISNN), Europe

       Associate of the Royal Society for Immunology (RSI), UK  

       Associate of the Autoimmunity Doctors Network 


Official Training

Nutrigenomics, Personalised Medicine and the Quantified Self, CAM UK

Energy Beyond ATP, CAM UK 

Advanced IFM Practice module : GI, Gastrointestinal system

NutriGenomic therapies for Autoimmune diseases

Mitochondrial Repair- Resolution of Fatigue 

Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Autism & the oxalates connection 

Dysregulated Immunity & Chronic Disease

Adrenal Function & Chronic Disease 

Adrenal Stress Management       

Autoimmunity-Nutritional Risks, Primary care

Detoxification and Essential Fatty Acids 

Hormones Disruption 

Anorexia nervosa

A Functional Medicine Approach to Mental health 

Integrative Medicine for the Treatment of Eating Disorders 

Applying Functional Medicine in Practice 


Cancer Care