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Bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of severe depression followed by episodes of mania. The type of symptoms and their intensity vary from person to person and even in many cases for a long time there are no symptoms.The implementation of Nutritional Therapy in combination with medical monitoring and medication can improve symptoms and possible side effects of drugs .


Possible causes we investigate

• Poor methylation, neurotoxins accumulation

• High oxidative stress

• Intestinal dysbiosis and leaky gut

• High stress load , elevated cortisol levels

• Inheritance

• Immune dysfunction

• Food allergies or hidden intolerances

• Poor diet, prepackaged meals, processed foods

• Nutrient Deficiencies eg Omega 3 , Omega 6 , magnesium among other

• High consumption of foods with sugar, white flour

• Increased consumption of stimulants and addictive substances including coffee, energy drinks, cannabis, alcohol , etc.

• Exposure to heavy metals eg lead water pipes, aluminum cookware , mercury from dental amalgam, environmental toxins, household cleaners , etc.

• Malfunction of detoxification mechanisms


How Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic can help you

We start investigate to discover the causes of bipolar disorder manifestation. Health History records together with functional tests results will reveal any malfunctions of the immune, gastrointestinal, methylation, neurotransmitters and the detoxification mechanisms. We investigate whether there are any heavy metals and other toxic substances, potential nutrient deficiencies or any hidden food intolerances among others.


Personalized Nutritional Strategy

After diagnostic assessments comes the development of an individualized Nutritional Strategy including special nutritional supplements and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, exercise and relaxation. We recommend reducing consumption of coffee, alcohol, sweets and refined carbohydrates. We incorporate more natural foods in your Nutritional plan, selected amino acids, minerals and vitamins among the essential fatty acids Omega 3 , 6 in appropriate dosage. Magnesium seems to play a very important role, while natural digestive enzymes and high potency probiotics may contribute to better nutrients absorption and assimilation.