Hormones Balance

Hormones in balance

Are your hormones in balance?

When our hormones are not in balance, chaos may erupt in our lives. Hormones are responsible for keeping our body in balance and if even one of them is deregulated we are at risk for many health problems. For example, many women –or even men– have high levels of estrogen, the female reproductive hormone, and this condition is called Estrogen Dominance.

Estrogen Dominance is linked to many health issues. See below:

Female issues

The normal monthly cycle.

The female menstrual cycle is a true wonder of nature. At 13, most girls already have begun the journey of fertility with or without difficulties. The pituitary gland, located practically in the center of our brain, starts producing hormones in order to wake up the ovaries which in turn produce estrogen and progesterone, hormones that are necessary for the development of the characteristics of the female sex. When everything is fine estrogens don’t have particularly large variations during the cycle.